Yoga Mat Manipulation Activity for People with Developmental Disabilities

Published September 28, 2019 155 Views

Rumble Someone gave me an old yoga mat. My clients scrubbed it clean! It is perfect to cut up for fine-motor activities because it has a fun texture and is easy to bend and manipulate while at the same time not flimsy.
I cut notches in the green mat panels to either insert or remove the large popsicle sticks that happen to have phrases printed on them. Several of my clients enjoy reading them and the phrase topics may be used to initiate a discussion. Clients of different abilities can be involved in the same group when some clients read the phrases and others insert them into containers. There are many ways to individualize these activities. For example:
1) Some clients will only remove the sticks, which is easier than inserting
2) Use a container with a large opening or a small slot in the lid for inserting
3) Use smaller or larger sticks or similar objects
4) Cut larger slits in the yoga mat to make insertions easier
5) Provide a bag to hold materials located across the room to incorporate movement as the client walks to reach it.
6) Place materials in a box on the floor to involve high/low movements as clients transfer and insert the sticks
7) Adapt to involve color matching of sticks to yoga mat panel pieces
8) Use flimsier materials to make more challenging
9) Instead of using yoga mat, use different textured panels for tactile stimulation
10) Color code or number to match sticks and panel pieces
11) Set up a work station with different jobs so that clients work together to read the sticks, insert, place in a bag….

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