Tender Moment Shared Between Shiba Inu And Toddler

Published October 12, 2019 55,717 Views

Rumble / Priceless MomentsHow is it possible to see so much tenderness in one video? Your heart will melt as you see these good friends enjoying cartoons on your laptop. The dog Shiba Inu is pampered by his little owner, who caresses him while together they learn the numbers in an animated educational video How beautiful they look! Children and dogs have always got along well. And it's not just the kids who make a profit, the dogs are grateful for love, home, companionship, and fun. If you are thinking of giving your child a dog or adding one more member to the family, the best thing would be to adopt one and let the child decide which one he wants (always with the supervision and final decision of the parents or relatives) and promise that he will take responsibility for it and take care of it properly.

Having the child take care of the dog can help it learn to care and take responsibility. Giving him food, taking him for a walk or education are ways of linking the child to this value. The education of the dog is an example for the child, at the same time that you teach him that there are rules for him, that some things have to be taken care of, the child also receives the idea that the education and the limits exist for all and that it is necessary to comply with them.

Children with dogs learn directly about life, death, illness, pain or hygiene and are things that are transmitted unconsciously but help to empathize with reality as well as with animal nature itself. Dogs are a good source of affection, if the relationship between them is good, the dog becomes an inseparable companion and accomplice of the smallest. If children are very young sometimes do not treat the dog well and requires adult supervision to teach them how to treat them. They will learn to respect the animals and it will serve as teaching as well as friendship. In cases of illness or disorders, there are dogs trained to help children or adults, for example dogs for autistic children, for the blind ... etc..

Many studies and research reveal that it is beneficial for children to grow up with pets. Examination of children's attitudes toward pets reveals that many children develop a rich range of social attributes toward pets. Some of these attributes - especially love and affection, companionship and intimacy - are used by children in their relationships with other people, which is important for their emotional development and for their near future. Children will have a good friend to play with, they will be able to go to the park and play with the dog and they will always have a companion. In addition, many dogs are able to protect owners and children in dangerous situations with courage and fidelity - their memories will last forever!

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