Dog Rocks Crying Baby Back To Sleep

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Rumble / Priceless MomentsWho wouldn't want a watchdog like this? This little canine is quite a guardian angel for this baby. The adorable dog takes care of the sleep of the baby of the house and makes sure that it does not wake up, when the baby begins to move the intelligent and loving puppy I move it in its cradle so that the baby can continue resting. On load of tenderness, it is impossible to stop seeing this, definitely this video will steal your heart Enjoy it! It is said that the dog is man's best friend, and the truth is that a beloved and well-educated dog creates a very strong affective bond with all members of the family, including children and even babies.

Some dogs carry this bond to the point of developing a protective instinct towards their family, which drives them not only to take care of it at all times, but even to take aggressive attitudes towards anyone they consider a possible threat. If you want to know why dogs take care of babies, keep reading this article from AnimalExpert. Although the dog has been with man for centuries, the truth is that he has not been completely stripped of his wild instinct. Still retains the behavior of his species, especially with regard to survival and care of the herd.

In a family where there are small children and babies, the dog will feel the need to protect them from unknown people who try to approach as well as other dogs. This, of course, if the dog has been allowed to interact with the children and come to consider them part of the family. All dogs are capable of manifesting this instinct of protection towards children and babies, although it is usually even stronger in breeds that have long been trained for defense, such as the German Shepherd, the Rottweiler or the Doberman. Some researchers claim that the dog recognizes the human family as its herd, while others claim that, instead of perceiving humans as their equals, they identify them as the social group to which they belong.

From this social group the dog receives affection, food and care, so any possible threat feels the need to protect its members, both to repay all the good received and to ensure their own survival. This protection is often extreme when it comes to the smallest members of the family, such as children and babies. Apparently, the dog is able to perceive them as the most harmless and dependent beings in the group, so they need the help of others (including the dog itself) to be well. In addition, let's remember that dogs are capable of perceiving hormonal changes in humans, so they will notice if a person seeking to do harm, is nervous or anxious, for example.

That's why it's not uncommon when you take your baby to the park with your dog to be alert to what's going on, adopting a protective attitude if someone passes close to the child. This can even happen in your own home, when there are visits from people the animal does not know. There are multiple cases of people, large or small, who have been rescued from dangerous situations by their dogs, such as drowning or alerted by an intruder at home, for example. When it comes to babies, many dogs try to sleep close to the little one, either under the cradle or in the door of the room. This will happen if you have presented them in the right way. Building and strengthening a good relationship between the dog and the children in the house, including babies, is crucial both to stimulate this protective instinct, and to achieve a good good coexistence between all members of the family.