Bulldog Puppy Instantly Wakes Up At The Smell Of Treats

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This adorable puppy is a bit special, the little bulldog loves sweets and that's the only reason this sleeper is able to wake up. The little Chameleon seems to dream even with his sweets and the delicious smell is what motivates him to leave his laziness aside to snatch the candy from the hand of its owner Hilarious! This little puppy named Ollie, only wakes up if there are sweets involved too close to him, if you want to wake Ollie for an absurd reason that has nothing to do with sweets. Please stay away! because this eloquent dog will surely get angry when you don't have anything in your hand to give him. This funny dog does not hide his interest in sweets because he is crazy about them!

There's nothing we like more than watching our hairy dog run and jump for joy. The treats created especially for them get this. We already know that our dog friends love to eat, but dog treats drive them crazy! Although of course, they say that everything in excess is bad, so knowing how and when to give sweets to our dog is very important to preserve his health. The canine palate has its predilections which are determined by its species, but also by its own personality and eating habits. Each dog has its own range of favorite foods and their owners know them best. However, a dog should not feed only on what he likes because it can be detrimental to his health. For this reason, the owners are the ones who must supervise, with the help of their veterinarian, the dog's diet.

Although moments can be reserved for a culinary canine whim, correct and healthy eating habits must always be respected as the animal's dietary basis. Who doesn't like a treat once in a while? However, that's just what treats should be for your pet, a whim. Too much is harmful, and so are dog treats. Dog treats are created to give a whim to our pet, not as a substitute for his diet, but rather as a complement. Sweets have beneficial nutritional supplements for your health, such as for your teeth. However, they do not contain as many nutrients as dog food. In addition, they include a high level of calories, as is the case with human sweets. So, taking all this into account, even if you like to give your dog treats every day, they should not represent more than 10% of his daily diet.

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