Snails devours protein snack in time lapse format

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Rumble / Wild WildlifeDo you like animals that live in the ocean? Many people say that the ocean hides many secrets, since in it you can find really incredible animals, even some are quite curious and interesting despite their small size, as is the case with snails. Although snails are quite slow creatures, they are generally well known throughout the world, since snails live in almost every country where there are beaches, but each country generally has different snails, since not all are equal, some turn out to be more larger than others, and some may be more colorful and adorable. This snail seems to be very hungry!

In this case, we can see how a giant African snail devours and enjoys a delicious mixture made with fish flakes and fish paddles, it seems to be very hungry. The owner of this giant snail, what he did was prepare the delicious mixture, then serve it on a white plate, so the giant snail came to eat. After finishing eating, the snail leaves some remains and moves away from the plate, maybe he felt he had eaten enough. This snail is very interesting!

These little mollusks are famous for living in their hard shell and slowly crawling and "drooling" where it passes. Although we do not see it, in addition to their horns, they have thousands of denticles in their mouths that serve to tear food and scrape mold from rocks to feed. Their mucus allows them to remain on the wall and scare away dangerous insects to protect themselves from aggressions. The preferred foods that snails eat are those rich in calcium. This is because your shell needs large amounts of calcium to be strong and thick, thus preventing it from breaking and being unprotected. If the animal feels the need to ingest calcium, it can even eat stones or soil. Therefore, a brittle or broken shell may be a sign of poor feeding or deficit of this component.

The snail drool is the mucosa that is released when it needs to defend itself. This slime in most snails contains numerous properties that benefit skin care and, therefore, is very popular in the world. This substance serves as aloe vera as a repairman of natural tissues, since it allows the skin to heal faster, eliminating spots, burns or stretch marks. The miraculous compound of this substance is allantoin, which contains antioxidants that help keep skin healthy. The drool of some snails is very good for skin health!

African giant snails are considered dangerous in many countries of the world, and although the opinions about their danger are very varied, some experts say it is safe to have these snails as pets as long as some precautions are taken. Although the giant African snail is native to Africa, it can now be found almost anywhere in the world, so it is very important that we learn about the different types of snails, so that we can enjoy their company without harming ourselves. This is amazing!


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