Cute Doggy Adorably Demands More Kisses From Owner

Published October 8, 2019 13,821 Views $31.65 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesDogs love to be affectionate towards their humans! If you have a dog, then you probably know that they don't know what personal space means. All they want to do is to cuddle and be your loving companionship. You are probably wondering if dogs have ever been like this and the truth is we don't care, we love their love, their hugs and kisses, and their affection, even if that means no personal space.

Speaking of having no personal space, take a look at this loving pooch and his love for his owner. This overly-affectionate dog can't stop hugging the owner, and it is probably something we all want to do at the moment. The owner is stuck from his dog's cuddles! How cute is this? Who wouldn't like hugs from this cutie pie? Dogs cuddle to bond with their human, to get warmth, and it makes them feel good. For them, cuddling is a fundamental instinct. For them, cuddling is comforting and calming, and just three minutes cuddling with their buddies can increase oxytocin in both dogs and humans. That proves that cuddling is beneficial for dogs but also for humans.

But, dogs don't show affection just by cuddling, they will tell you in a million ways how they feel about you. They show off by waggling their tail, and that speaks volumes. You know your dog has missed you when he turns that tail into a helicopter, which is like 1000 feelings expressed in a straightforward movement. Dogs are the best! They also love to show their love and affection with their faces. How do dogs show affection with their faces? Well, they know how to smile and to grin. It's also not that hard to read those I-love-you puppy eyes. They will also jump and boink you in the face hard with their muzzle.

They also get jealous if you cuddle with someone else, they don't like to share. This jealous pooch gets green with envy when owners cuddle without him and he is so adorable!
So we have this cute couple testing the limits of their doggy's doubt right in front of the camera's view. As this guy goes in for a kisses the puppy barely manages to hold off a couple of seconds before he sprints right in between their kiss Check out how the needy pooch reacts the moment his owners kiss each other without him. Priceless!

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