Moscow Motorists Rescues Kitten During Rush Hour

Published October 5, 2019 610,245 Views $25.11 earned

Rumble Do you think cats are quite adorable animals? Then you will love to see how this motorized rescue a small cat on a road in an hour of heavy traffic. The truth is that many people love all animals and do everything possible to keep them safe, so they don't mind climbing a tree or stopping traffic if necessary to save a defenseless animal. Cats are extremely curious animals, this means that they like to explore and discover new things, so this little cat got lost on the road, but to his good luck, this motorized took the task of rescuing him. This one has a good heart!

The drivers of a motorcycle and a car won the applause of thousands of people around the world, after posting a video on social networks that rescue a small cat on a road in Moscow. After a video was released that showed the emotional event of starring in saving a cat from being hit on a long road and in a busy hour, many people felt motivated, as it served as an example that all animals have the right to life, and we must take care of them when necessary.

It was the motorcycle driver who noticed the cat when he was traveling on the big road in Moscow, so the man did not hesitate to go to his rescue despite the danger of parking in the middle of the road to get the animal out of there. However, the motorcyclist was not the only hero of this curious event, since the driver of a car also joined him to rescue the cat, and finally put him inside his car to take him to a safe place, he also needed to cover it . the rain, as it had begun to rain.

Of all pets, cats are the most independent pet, or at least they say they have had or have a feline; They are very hermits and give the impression of living in their own world and that their owner surrenders to their requests. Cats are expert climbers, have an enviable balance and especially know how to fall. These enviable skills are those that reaffirm their state of freedom and there is no place to leave them locked up. They walk through the surrounding neighborhoods, but only for a limited period. There are times when this period extends and it usually takes days to return, even months, even years, according to veterinarians who have documented the behavior.

This behavior of escaping and leaving the house is common, especially in cats that are not neutered or spayed, since during the mating season they look for partners and can leave for several days. Cats are better oriented than any other animal, so don't worry, it will come back. You can study the possibility of neutering the cat if you want to modify this behavior in part. In any case, you shouldn't think that your cat loves you less because he leaves home several hours a day. On the contrary, returning shows you that he is where he wants to be, but his instincts are his instincts.