Kid Who Lost Everything In House Fire Surprised With Toys From Students

Published October 4, 2019 5,105 Views

Rumble / Priceless MomentsA 3rd-grade boy lost everything in a fire, so his classmates stepped up, according to Philadelphia Elementary School in Tennessee. Daniel Hunt, whom the school calls one of their “Warriors,” lived in a home on the 3000 blocks of Holt Road, but when a fire ripped through the house last Saturday, he was kid left without his toys. That’s why his teachers and classmates made a plan in secret. They started a toy drive for Daniel, bringing in a haul of toys and gifts to put a smile back on his face. Daniel Hunt watched as fires engulfed his family home taking all his toys with it. But then a week later the devastated 8-year-old was amazed by his third-grade classmates with the results of a toy drive.

They had worked in secret to resupply his group. Daniel was happy. That's when the teachers at Elementary School in central Tennessee chose to hold a secret toy approach where the students would take in a toy of their choice to share with their classmates in need. "It was very sweet and a lot of entertainment for the kids. They wanted to keep it a secret so they would walk in every morning that week whispering 'I have this toy for Daniel hidden in my backpack. The children kept the growing stockpile dropped from Daniel all week. Then on Friday. a teacher sent Hunt on a job outside the classroom.

"When he came back, we yelled 'surprise!' and instead of rushing to the toys, he just held his arms opened and asked his classmates for a hug, MacKintosh said of the tender moment. Daniel the feeling left him crying happy tears with the feeling of joy in his stomach. His mom, Kristen Wilburn been smiling ever since. "It was a kitchen fire. Not sure how it happened we found some bits and pieces that were salvageable but nothing else made it" Wilburn told CNN. "Daniel has been in awe of how many people have been willing to help us without being asked." Although they dropped their home Hunt and his parents are thankful no one was hurt. They are now being with family members until they figure out their next move. Oftentimes, little children are scared by any sudden movement, including toys. Footage shows a kid surprised for toys when he gets a lot of toys The sudden movement left this adorable kid covered in tears!