Goofy dog holds toothbrush bone in hilarious fashion

Published October 3, 2019 315 Plays $10.30 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesYou're going to laugh out loud with this funny video, when we go shopping and we have a very spoiled pet at home is impossible not to return with some detail for him, because they are so happy to see us arrive and it is even more so when we give them a gift by letting them know that we remembered them in our outing. For some reason the owner of this dog has bought him a bone shaped like a brush, we do not know if you consider your dog is very vain or loves to comb Hilarious!

Sadie is the funny dog that stars in this video and in his mouth has the comb that his owner has given him, he looks very happy, what he does not know is that everyone laughs at him for how it looks with the comb in the muzzle. Sadie's teeth are marked crazy that make him look the funniest way, and as expected, his owner did not hesitate to record it and share it in the nets, we hope that little Sadie would not bother! would go from being a glamorous dog to be the make me laugh of the nets poor Sadie, you do not know how funny he looks!

Edible bones are the favorite treat of most dogs, especially puppies, because during their stage of changing teeth, having the chance to bite something strongly helps them alleviate the pain caused by the eruption of their new teeth, but in this case it is important that we are careful because it can happen many times that some splinter or small piece that remains of the edible bones can cause some damage, so it is essential that if we provide this type of dog treats to our puppy, we watch him while he is eating. Another advantage of edible bones over puppies is that they will be entertained for a long time, and also, as we know, they love to bury them and play with them much more than eating them.

The problem with puppies is that they like edible bones so much that they want their master to feed them based on them, and it can happen that the dog refuses to eat, that's why it's never good to abuse this type of products. The ideal thing is to give him an edible bone every fifteen days so that in this way he gets used to a spaced regularity, and in addition the puppy will not get used to waiting for his master to give him his edible bones to play.

On the other hand it is also important to note that abusing these treats can do very badly to our dog especially if we are talking about a puppy, because after all, these edible bones are made of leather, and while it is a harmless product, daily or regular intake of it can cause serious injury to the stomach walls of puppies.