Couple Transform Military Truck Into Dream Mobile Home

Published October 3, 2019 22,629 Views

Rumble Remote living has slowly made its way to the internet. More and more we see young people which realize that going the old fashioned way which is working for a couple of year and saving, then going to the bank and eventually moving into a house which essential is not their to only work for the rest of their lives to pay it off, is not as appealing than buying a used vehicle and investing some money in it which than they turn into a home they can take anywhere with them.

Well, here we have a lovely couple who had a great idea to reconstruct an old military truck and turn it into a great little home on wheels for the both. Now, we can't go as far as saying that this life style is for everyone, however after watching this video you will at least be able to understand why people choose to live in this manner. Let alone the fact that anywhere could be your home, do take into consideration how much cheaper this way of living is. The fact that you can go anywhere at any time and have a free roof over your head simply blows our mind away. These two along with many others have decided that the "usual" life is not certainly the dream they like to chase. Instead, being free from mortgage and loans these guy would rather be free of those everyday expenses and spend their money differently. Many people would approach this lifestyle with a frown as it is truly not your usual way of living. However, don't be to quick to judge as these guys present you with a video that shows a remote life to be a very fun and interesting way of day to day life. Sure, like all things, this also has its pro's and con's. Ether way, sure looks fun and interesting!

This couple have converted a retired military truck into a purpose-built, one of a kind off-road mobile home. Kourtney and Trevor Smithson of Virginia, USA built their very own home on wheels using an original Stewart and Stevenson M1078 LMTV troop carrier which they picked up at a military auction. The conversion took just six weeks to complete and cost the couple around $37,000, including the purchase of the truck. Its owners named the ex-combat vehicle turned cosy mobile home, ‘Wazimu’, which translates as ‘crazy".

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