Intense Doberman Stares Inches Away From Owner Asking For Playtime

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Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesThis intense look will steal your heart, this doberman knows how to intimidate his owner when she wants something, it seems that he is the one who dominates the situation and tries to convince her to continue playing with him. For some reason his owner stopped throwing toys and this dog was left with the desire to continue playing, so he approaches her and gives a threatening look "How dare you leave me playing alone" seems to be somewhat annoyed and will not take his eyes off until his owner apologizes and continue with the fun. Hilarious!

The doberman are known for their imposing personality, their serious appearance makes them dogs with sophisticated features, but apart from that, they are excellent guardian companions and faithful to their owners. Like all other breeds, this slender dog loves to spend pleasant moments with people, and we see that they take seriously to be left alone playing What a character! Surely it will be an old curmudgeon dog if it continues practicing that look of few friends, however, that serious face takes us out a few laughs and knows very well how to brighten our day, although in his plans is only to frighten humanity.

Just as we are juvenile monkeys, dogs are juvenile wolves. As adults, domestic dogs of all breeds are still unusually playful, even after they have reached an advanced age. One of the problems they face is how to tell other dogs, and people, that they want to play. Since playfulness often involves fighting in jokes and false chases, it is imperative to make it clear that a particular action is just fun and cannot be taken seriously. The dog is an animal that uses its body language to express its feelings and intentions. When he is very happy, with intentions to play so let's say that it is very easy to detect when he wants to play or continue with the game, something that is not bad to please because it is also healthy for him, helps him to exercise and learn new tricks.

In most mammal species, playfulness fades as individuals become adults. There are two notable exceptions to this rule: dogs and people. During the course of evolution, we ourselves become juvenile monkeys, preserving our curiosity and our desire to play through adult life. This quality is what gave us remarkable inventiveness and is surely one of the things that has made our story an amazing success. Therefore, it is not surprising that the animal chosen for our most intimate companionship shared with us that desire to play.


  • jenniferword, 2 weeks ago

    omg, this cracks me up so bad, lol!! Adorable. I hope you played with him a bunch after this. Too cute!!

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  • dn5, 2 weeks ago

    You blinked. I win says Dobie.

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