Bear Cub Rescued From Dumpster By Police

Published September 18, 2019 25,728 Views

Rumble / Everyday HeroesPlacer County Sheriff’s police got a call from a Kings Beach hotel that a bear cub was trapped in a dumpster. When county police arrived at the hotel, they found the cub’s sibling trying to open the dumpster to recover their trapped sister/brother.

In a video posted to Facebook by the sheriff's office, the trapped cub is heard wailing as the Deputies Bryant, Staley and Nevins quickly came up with a game plan to free the cub from the dumpster.

When Placer County officers arrived at the motel in Kings Beach, just west of the California-Nevada state line, they found the cub's sibling making an adorable attempt to open the dumpster. A concerned mother bear also was on the view.

Initially, a 2nd cub can be viewed standing on its mother's back in an attempt at rescuing the trapped cub. But when that did not work, the two deputies had to swing in and save the day. First, they placed a ladder inside the dumpster, allowing the cub to climb its way out on its own without the deputies having to get too close to it. They must’ve seen The Revenant.

Once the sibling and mother bear move away from the dumpster, one deputy uses a police car to block off the dumpster. The video shows an officer use a pole to push open the lid and then another officer very carefully places a ladder inside the dumpster.
After a few seconds, the cub emerges, and it runs off to rejoin its worried family.

Thankfully, the deputies succeeded in their rescue mission. Sometimes, it is not the people who need saving. All in a day’s work, right guys?

Bears are such adorable animals. No wonder why most kids run straight to bear exhibits first thing when they come to a zoo. And to be honest, bear cubs are unquestionably one of the cutest animal babies ever! If you do not believe me, check out this adorable video. This will melt your heart for sure! This video is just too cute for words!

Mommy bears usually have between one and three cubs for each gestation period and tend to them for 17 months. They are absolutely courageous and fierce defenders of their offspring and do not hesitate to attack every time they think their babies are in danger. So, you better watch out not to cross their path, and rather watch them from a safe distance or in our videos!

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