Jealous Dog Tries To Get Attention Back From Owner

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Watch this funny video, in which we see a young woman giving a lot of love to her cat, but there is a drawback, her dog Golden Retriever does not stop moving from one side to the other trying to get her attention. He is jealous, but they are not rebellious jealousy, rather he takes the feeling of jealousy in the funniest way, this dog is crazy! The canine becomes a bit annoying, he can't stand the idea that his owner is not caressing him. quiet friend, there's enough love for everyone, wait your turn!

The Golden Retriever of this video, he has lived since he was two months old in this house, on the other hand, the cat has been integrated into the family a relatively short time ago, after being rescued from the street. This woman decided to adopt him and turn him into another member of the family, the woman feels that the cat needs a lot of love, the one that has not received in a long time for not having had a home, something that his dog finds difficult to understand, since all his life his owner has been dedicated only to him. The dog does all sorts of things to be noticed, shows a certain desperation for what is happening, brings even a toy to its owner to play together but its owner just wants to have a special moment with her new cat. After this, this puppy will need an exit to the yard to burn all that energy that is stored in it. Hilarious!

If you're a pet lover and love to enjoy the joy these animals bring home, there's sure to be no shortage of the typical dog and cat duo in your home. Although they say that these two pets are rivals of nature, there are many people who make the decision to adopt both and create a beautiful relationship between these two creatures so captivating. In most cases, it can be said that the coexistence of a dog with a cat can be pleasant when both are adopted from very puppies and in a simultaneous time, but sometimes, bring these two pets together when they are adults can end in scratches and barks, it can take some time so that both settle their differences and understand each other better.

The custom also does its best work when you decide that your two pets get along well, as time passes you can notice the small details in the approach of both, and in less than you expect you will already have them fighting (in a good way) for your love, without giving more importance to their rivalries. Although dogs and cats are considerably different pets, both are known to be quite faithful and homey. They can get that warmth that a home sometimes needs, we love to feed them and take care of them, they can become the engine full of laughs to start a good day, right? if you have a pet you know that without it your life would not be the same, they are an overload of tenderness!

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