Golden Retriever relaxes while taking cold shower

4 years ago

People say that, over time, dogs start to resemble their owners, both in looks and in behavior. Whether it’s the animals that start imitating their humans, or the humans start to identify themselves with their dogs, it doesn’t matter, there are hundreds of photos online where dog owners look almost exactly like their dogs! Faithful, kind, affectionate, loyal - all these complementary characteristics apply to dogs that know their owners, like no other. Imagine what kind of secrets your beloved furry amigo could tell about you, if only it could talk.

Golden Retrievers are delighted and entertaining dogs, and their coat ranges from light blond to dark gold. They are intelligent, loving and well suited to be guiding dogs. Retrievers are patient and the most amazing dogs ever. Golden's are active, dependable, and anxious-to-please family pooches, and moderately simple to prepare.

They are cheerful, athletic, steady-tempered and so peaceful with other animals. They are genuinely Golden dogs with the perfect character. Typical Golden Retrievers are active, and fun-loving animals that will make your life full with love and excitement and they also are compatible with other dogs and cats so you can have more added to your animal family, which means even more love in your life!

Dogs can form friendships with other dogs, and those kind of bonds are priceless, you can’t put a tag on that kind of friendship! We can’t even imagine how much fun will have these doggies. Just image all the games they can play together, like war-of-tug, hide and seek, fetch, and they take naps together. Even though they are lovable, beautiful and fun dogs, they also have a reputation of being of being the best babysitters, and they love babies! This Golden might not look excited and that is because he is just to relaxed. When was the last time you remember being this relaxed?

This is truly one of those adorably funny videos. It looks like this owner has dressed up their Golden Retriever into a pink robe in which it looks like it is having the time of its life. This doggy can truly teach us humans a little about relaxing and just taking the day as it is having the time of its life just sitting down in this bawl and cracking the relaxation level up to a 1000. Take a look as this video is bound to make you smile!

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