Girl's Genie Halloween Costume Actually Takes "Flight"

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Rumble / Creative VisualsYou know why we are always excited about kid videos? Because it is always a thrill to see what these tiny humans have in store for us! You can never predict what they will do, and that is so exciting! Like this video at the top of the page, for example. Halloween is a holiday that every person on this Earth eagerly awaits for. It is the one day of the year when you get to be whomever you want to be! From witches, vampires and fairies, to the most elaborate, most incredible hand made costumes that the wearers can come up with.

DIY costumes are no new thing - people have been improvising their Halloween outfits since day one. But as the time progresses, so does imagination and nowadays, the costumes that people wear on the night of 31 October will play tricks with your eyes and boggle your mind! Don’t wait for us to give you an example, check this kid out!

She has been seen flying through the streets of her city. Up and down the big might interstate and as high as the big buildings. This girl just might be your neighborly super hero, expect she is not spider man rather Genie.

Kids have a wild and broad imagination. Who better to help out realize her dream than her lovely parents. We can see in this video she just cant be any happier. This is very clear due to the big smile on her cute little face. We can't put this into words so you must see it for your self.

Talk about this little girl's parent's devotion on making this to be truly one of those costumes that everyone will notice when she goes out to the street with it. Now, we don't really have an idea as to how it works but we're certain that there is quite a bit of magic to it as this little girl's spirit gives it the power to move around and get her to where she is trying to go. This little girl is just too cute. This costume is also very special as it is more than clear that the parents devoted quite some time into making this to be one of those Halloween's she will remember forever! This is one awesome video and you will be missing out if you were to miss seeing this very cool video!


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