Fearless baby crocodile stalks and scares unsuspecting stork

Published September 13, 2019 1,252 Plays

Rumble / Wild WildlifeHave you ever seen a baby crocodile stalking a harmless stork? Probably not, so you have time to see it right now! Everyone should know that in the animal kingdom there are predatory races and races that are prey, it is something like the law of the jungle, where only the strongest and the most intelligent have an advantage over the rest of the animals. Although storks are very peaceful birds, sometimes they have to defend themselves from their predators, since sometimes they are affected by dangerous animals, and generally this occurs in the lakes when they go out in search of food or water. This baby crocodile seems to have the courage of an adult!

On Sunset Dam, in the Kruger National Park, South Africa. A stork was trying to drink some water to rest and continue its journey, but everything seemed too abandoned and quiet, so it didn't take long to seem like a big surprise for this poor stork. While the stork was trying to drink water in peace, a crocodile stalked and scared the stork that was totally off guard, but the stork seems to be quite intelligent, since he knows he must avoid danger, so he quickly moved away from the baby crocodile. You must stay away from crocodiles!

Storks are perhaps one of the most popular birds in the world, since there is a theory that they are responsible for bringing human babies into the world, although that theory seems to have never been confirmed. These birds are peaceful and carnivorous at the same time, that is, they feed on animals smaller than themselves, such as fish, insects and frogs. Storks' long legs sometimes make them easy prey for some dangerous animals like crocodiles or foxes, but generally they manage to escape and continue their long journeys.

Crocodiles turn out to be quite interesting animals, since they can even live almost the same number of years as the average person, being able to reach 60 and 70 years of age very easily in a warm environment with abundant food. These animals clearly live by hunting, since they are carnivorous animals by nature, but baby crocodiles can only feed on small fish and frogs, while adults are responsible for catching larger prey, often to try to feed all your family. Everyone cares about their family, even animals!

In some countries, some carnivorous animals are considered to threaten the integrity and conservation of the environment, since, in their hunts, they usually devour hundreds of insects and small animals in a short period of time. Although these facts are not fully proven, storks and crocodiles are one of the animals that are said to profoundly affect the conservation of the environment, since they only feed on meat and it is necessary to sacrifice another living being to feed. Similarly, it is important to read and learn about animal behaviors, to know if they are carnivorous or herbivorous, but we should always be away from crocodiles. This stork today learned a great lesson!