Heroic Biker Rescues Kitty From Road

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Rumble / Everyday HeroesIt's really easy to forget that we are not the only living beings living on this planet. We're trapped in our concrete jungles, escaping the scorching heat and the freezing icy winters in the sanctity of our homes. The only contact with the outside world are photographs and videos of animals living freely in the wild. But they are here, we share the same oxygen, we share the food, the water, the ups and downs of the climate changes.

Love for animals has only increased as time has gone on. This day we can see lots of animals, whether it is dogs, cats being the most dominant but also pigs, rabbits, hedgehogs and many more that were previously known as eatables now have become completely domesticated.

Your subconscious never gets old. It is not subject to time and possible changes, or to any other restrictions. It is part of the universal mind of God, which has no beginning, no end, and knows neither birth nor death.

The signs of fatigue and aging can in no way have a mental or spiritual cause. Patience, kindness, love of truth, humility, willingness to help, peace, harmony and love for one's neighbor are qualities and basic traits that never grow old. Those who nurture these traits in themselves will forever retain a youthful spirit.

Studying the life stories of famous people who were engaged in their creative activity at an age well beyond normal limits, a common denominator is distinguished: many of them reached the peak of their creative productivity only in old age. Also, a great many people who lived far away from peer pressure, stress and environments where financial success is a measure of one’s happiness, and whose modest life provided incontrovertible proof that not only age is destroying the productive forces of the body and mind.

Random acts of Kindness are mindful attempts to beautify somebody else’s day by doing something nice, good and showing your concern. Kindness is a way to show others that they can count on you, and that even when the world around has turned a deaf ear you are willing to stand in defense of good.

In similarity ,we have quite the story on our hands here with this very generous biker. This man was out on a ride one day when suddenly, as shown in the video, he rides upon a lost kitten. This biker truly shows his decency and humanity when the first thing that comes to his mind is to stop and help this poor kitten out. Take a look as this footage is truly amazing!

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