Puppy sits like a human at the table and enjoys snack before bed

Published May 13, 2019 29,335 Views $9.72 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesWe’ve seen some pampered pooches in our time, but this posh puppy takes the cake—and anything else she wants to, apparently, so long as it’s served to her at the exact same table that her humans use for eating their own meals. And all of that makes for one sweet and enjoyable video that you should definitely check out without any further delay! Sally the Irish setter puppy is clearly one very well loved and much indulged little girl. Not only does she get a snack before bedtime (we think it’s worth pointing out here that there are many, many bedtimes before which we ourselves get no snack at all), but she gets to eat it in a chair, in a fancy china bowl, from the dining room table—just like she was a small human child.

And we’re betting that Sally is a lot more spoiled and indulged than most human children ever are! It does the heart good to see a puppy getting so much love and care in what’s very often a topsy turvy world. Just knowing that there are still people out there who love their puppies this much helps get us through our day. Even better is when those loving humans shoot videos of their puppies to share with the rest of us—because even if you have your own puppy at home, it’s not like you can get too much time with puppies over the course of your day!

This video is a definite keeper—and we’re very seriously considering putting it on a constant loop that we can play at night from bed as we’re drifting off to sleep, just so we can enjoy a spot of puppy goodness before heading off into dream land. This is all a way of saying that if you haven’t hit the Play button yet, then you’ve definitely been waiting (and reading) long enough, and should reward yourself for your patience by pressing the Play button, pronto. If watching puppies in the middle of your work day doesn’t make the day fly by that much faster, then you either don’t like puppies (who ever heard of such a thing?!), or else you have the kind of job that not even puppies could improve—in which case, we feel sorrier for you than we know how to say. For everyone else, bask in the puppy adorableness and enjoy!