Dad Serenades Newborn Baby To Sleep On Guitar

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Rumble / Babies & KidsThere is nothing quite as precious as a father’s love for his baby. From the moment they are born, father’s take on the role of the protector and the mentor. But one dad, in particular, has a different way of spending quality time with his newborn than most.
Ben Moseley of Alabama and his wife welcomed their baby girl, Natalie on March 8. The Moseley’s were more than excited to add their fifth member to the clan, completing their family. Although it is only been a couple of weeks in the world for baby Natalie, it appears she is already a daddy’s girl.

Ben posted a video of him playing the guitar with his baby girl lying right on top of it. As he sang a sweet Tom Petty ballad, “All right for Now,” Natalie laid peacefully in awe of her dad’s vocals. He quietly sings to her as she sways in and out of a sleepy daze. The song was the perfect fit for the occasion,
“Goodnight baby, sleep tight my love. May God watch over you from above.”

"I was sitting in here picking the guitar and she asked me if I had put her to sleep and I did not really want to stop playing guitar so I just eased her up on the guitar and started playing and she just went to sleep," said Ben.
His wife had been telling him for a while to put videos of him singing on social media, and he finally listened!

"He just sings to her and he will sing her to sleep and it was just a precious video that really they had just taken and shared for family and friends to see," said ben wife.
"I just posted it on there because I thought it was kind of cool. I did not think it would go viral as it did," said Ben.

"It is just crazy how much people love babies, and how fast it happened, all of it, I think that is just the crazy part for us is how viral it went and how quickly it all happened," said ben wife.
Ben Moseley says that they are looking forward to sharing the video and the story with the baby girl when she gets older.

Turns out Ben is actually an artist outside of his lullaby life as well. His band, Ben Moseley and The Contraband have been playing together for quite some time now. The group plays gigs at local bars and venues even including weddings! Ben Moseley is the lead singer with three of his buddies, Chase Arrington, Ryan Byrd, and Brad Hardin filling out the group with their musical talents.

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