Nine adorable puppies play with stuffed animal

Published March 11, 2019 5,627 Views $32.18 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesBernese mountain dog puppies are exceptionally cute and fluffy on their own, but they are even more adorable when they are in a group. These puppies are eight weeks old and they are playful and curious, ready to explore everything and anything around them. They spend their day on a beautiful farm with wide stretches of green grass, forest, and a stream to play in. They are the offspring of Stella, a beautiful Bernese mountain dog and Dexter, a magnificent Maremma Sheepdog.

Stella watches over them protectively, seeming to count them as they pile out of their kennel and make their way across the lawn for playtime. She and Dexter love to play with their puppies and they chase them enthusiastically, herding them together when needed. The puppies have a new toy today, a stuffed dog that quickly becomes the central focus of a very energetic game of tug-of-war. These puppies are adorably clumsy with their short legs and fluffy coats. They fall over repeatedly and struggle to get up again. Watching them would bring a smile to anyone’s face.

The puppies bite and pull the stuffed toy and it soon becomes a circle of puppies all pulling to get the toy from the others. Eventually, one of them manages to grab the stuffed dog and he makes a run for it. The rest of the puppies give chase and they run along the edge of the trees. This game will continue for hours until the pups are exhausted and ready for a nap. Puppies this age do little other than play, eat, and sleep. They keep their parents busy too and a nap is a welcome break for them as well. Each of these puppies will soon make their way to their forever homes which have been carefully selected.

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