Epic Battle Between Puppy And Slice Of Lime

Published April 17, 2019 16,001 Plays $29.66 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesEverybody get ready and hold onto your hats, because the epic struggle between Bruno the Puppy and this innocent looking lime is about to begin—and the resulting battle royale is sure to provide to provide chuckles galore for you and the entire family. Bruno is an adorable golden retriever pup, and we’re guessing that this is his very first encounter with that sour sweet delight known as a lime. We’re not sure what’s throwing him off his game so much—whether it’s the lime’s roundness, its squishy-ness, or its sourness.

We’re guessing that it’s the unexpectedly tart and stingy taste of lime juice that he’s reacting too most strongly here. We well remember being very young ourselves, and thinking how sweet a piece of citrus fruit would probably be—because it was so candy colored and looked just like the sugary treats we most enjoyed—and then being very startled to discover just how wrong we were. We can’t claim to have put up quite the vigorous battle that Bruno does, however, as tries to sneak up on the unsuspecting lime, roll it around a few times, and generally pummel it into submission. To our knowledge, none of these things—and nothing at all, aside from a healthy dollop of sugar—can conquer the citric acid sourness of a lime.

But we totally respect Bruno’s effort. You go, Bruno! Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t win this one! Personally, we hope that Bruno never gives up on this particular struggle, because despite the sourness of the lime itself, the sweetness of the resulting video is enough to give us a sugar high for hours, or even days, to come. There’s very little that’s as purely enjoyable as watching a puppy do quintessentially puppyish things, and this minute or so of video footage is about as puppyish as it gets.

If and when you hit the Play button—and if you haven’t already, we’re betting that you will very soon—we’re confident that you’ll find this one every bit as sweet as we did, and that you’ll find yourself sharing it with all your puppy loving friends. (And, after all, who doesn’t love puppies? We wouldn’t even want to know a person like that!) So prepare a glass of your favorite ice cold, lime-flavored drink to have in your hand while you watch this video, and enjoy the sweetness!