Massive Amount Of Ducks Enjoy A Snowy Day

Published February 6, 2019 3,725 Plays $48.66 earned

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsWinter is still here! For someone that is unfortunate and for someone that's the biggest happiness in the world! Sure, winter has its downsides, like freezing temperatures, snow, shorter days, and get us started on shoveling all that snow, it is boring and annoying and of course really cold, like really cold!

However, wintertime has its perks too! We have the best perk from snowy days, and that cancels work and school, also cozying up with a good movie and hot cocoa by the fireplace, to getting back into your favorite winter sports, there's a lot to love about winter. And not only people love those perks about winter, but there are also some animals who love winter and snow!

These ducks love to have long walks in the snow, and they find it pretty relaxing! Check out this video and see what we are talking about! Check out all of these ducks running in earnest to play in the snow. How cool is that? Look how excited they are! Where do you think they're going? Are they going skiing, maybe sliding down the hill or building a snowman? "Do you wanna built a snowman?"
When we were kids, we had the same excitement about snow! Canceled school day, calling your friend to come over to play in the snow until your fingers and toes were frozen! Oh, the excitement!

And if you are like us, we loved dressing with lots of layers of clothes (talking an eternity to put them on, and they take them off) just enjoying in the snow got our hearts pumping. These ducks are like little children themselves! Ducks love winter! Their bodies are adapted to low temperatures, so they have no problem playing in the snow or swimming in cold waters. Ducks are cool animals!

Winter is such a wonderful time, isn't it? For all of you winter lovers out there we have another fantastic video that will bring joy to you and make you want to put on your warmest clothes and get out in the snow!

This is a video that shows a walk through a winter wonderland and it is mesmerizing! The sky is bright blue with only a couple of wispy clouds in the sky. It is cold and crisp out, the kind of day that when you breathed in through your nose, your nostrils would stick together. You can see ice on the branches of the trees that glistened as the sun reflected off of them. The snow was light on the ground, so it was silent as you walk.