Skateboarding Dachshund Puppy Shows Off Impressive Skills In Paris Square

Published March 6, 2019 17,690 Views $7.16 earned

People say that, over time, dogs start to resemble their owners, both in looks and in behavior. Whether it’s the animals that start imitating their humans, or the humans start to identify themselves with their dogs, it doesn’t matter, there are hundreds of photos and videos online where dogs look and behave almost exactly like the dog owners!

In the very distant past dogs and wolves were brothers. In order to survive, they had to chase after other animals and birds for food. Through years and years of evolution, aided by selective breeding done by us, their best friends, certain parts of the hunt sequence have been changed or receded according to each breed’s purpose. So, the chase instinct in dogs is already present from birth. However, the very process of domestication has also formed a link between dogs and humans. Dogs actively seek opportunities to play with us because they seek our approval.

We think that we can’t stress enough how much dogs are absolutely awesome. Don’t get us wrong, all pets are amazing, but dogs are something else. They can be our best friends, our fiercest protectors, our shoulder to cry on and even the best medication to all of our problems. But if there is one thing they are extremely good at, it’s their ability to make us laugh until we cry and be extremely proud of them.

Dogs just never stop making us proud of them. It seems that we can never get enough of the pupper awesomeness. They keep us at our toes with their antics and melt us into puddles of mush when they turn on their charm. They are like our furry offspring that likes to wake us up early in the morning to go potty but we don’t mind because they are adorable.

It seems that this doggo is a pupper prodigy. By the looks of it, Dachshund Puppy could spend all day in this skate park practicing her skateboarding skills. She's having the time of her life! Ever see a dog skate like that? Probably not. She’s even a better skater than many humans we know, and that’s saying a thing. The pup extraordinaire has yet to have her fill of the skateboarding park and she’s not ready to leave it even a second earlier. Her parents must be really proud, as are we.

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