Dog Protects Newborn Baby From Sun In His Eyes

Published February 6, 2019 46,614 Views $127.52 earned

Rumble / Priceless MomentsIn this video, a pet dog named Snowball is seen giving special attention to a newborn baby. This priceless moment captured on film is fun to watch for several reasons. One of those reasons is the simple fact that children and pets are near and dear out hearts. Newborns invariably attract an audience of adoring parents and family members.

During this short clip we witness several individuals surrounding a baby, obviously admiring it while it sleeps. Newborns sleep almost constantly, and they promote whispers and reverence. However, the adorable baby is not the star of this short video clip.

The pet dog, Snowball, can sense that something is new and special in the household. Snowball’s behavior suggests that Snowball perceives the baby is important, and that the baby is the center of attention. Is it possible that Snowball is covering the baby with the blanket in an intentional act of caring? It’s impossible to know what is going on in Snowball’s head and heart, but at the very least Snowball is being quiet and soft while tending to the baby. It looks as though Snowball is pointedly covering the baby with the blanket, and perhaps attempting to cover the head specifically.

A dog’s sense of smell and disposition is keen enough to detect that the baby is harmless and sensitive. The ability of domesticated dog species to observe and respond to human cues has been the subject of much scientific research. One popular and current belief is that domesticated dogs have spent thousands of years with humans, during which time dogs evolved, or co-evolved with humans in such a way as to discern human cues.

A casual perusal of widely available research on the internet provides some insight in Snowball’s behavior toward the infant in this video. Some research suggests that dogs are able to observe and respond to a mix of human cues, including but not limited to verbal commands, eye movement, and head movement.

Is it possible that Snowball has picked up on the fact that everyone is surrounding this baby? Perhaps with all eyes on the baby, and all heads turned toward the baby, and all talk directed toward the baby, Snowball has discerned that the baby is special, and acts accordingly. One thing is for certain – Snowball is now a permanent part of this tender memory and experience for everyone involved. The baby will likely grow up with Snowball burned into his/her memory.

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