Excited Dog Enthusiastically Waves At Newborn Baby In First Meeting

NewsflarePublished: February 6, 2019
Published: February 6, 2019

This dog got incredibly excited when she met her owner’s newborn baby for the first time, waving her paws frantically at the young child. There is nothing more exciting than preparing for the arrival of your newborn baby and when you have a dog at home, the experience is that much more fulfilling.

Dogs are faithful animals, spontaneous and really surprising. They are great learners who have the ability to memorize commands very quickly. They have a very protective attitude towards young children, just like this dog, his reaction when he meets the baby for the first time is so precious!

The video was captured on January 7, 2019, at a home in Lufkin, Texas shows Lucy, the dog, standing on her back legs and moving her front paws repeatedly as she stares at 2-week-old Tucker resting in the arms of a relative.

One of the family members wrote on Facebook: ''My aunt had come in from out of town with her dog Lucy and this was her first time meeting Tucker. Lucy reaction was truly pretty and it left everyone in awe. Instead of being greedy, it did something beyond lovable for the human sibling. She instantly started dancing and begging next to him to get closer. She is the sweetest dog and wants to be as close to Tucker as she can.''

Some dogs are naturally good with children, and Lucy falls in that category. She is a good family dog, she is loyal and devoted and does well with children as long as she is properly socialized and trained.

Lucy is glad to have someone she could spend the time taking care of. In a few years time when the baby is grown up, no doubt these two will be best friends who will spend their time playing and running at the park.

Here’s an important tip for the dog owners out there. Dogs often need a little thought in the whole “bringing baby home plan”. So while you may want to re-think the family/dog boundaries (will the dog be allowed to sleep in your bed if you decide to co-sleep with your baby?) before the baby is born; on the actual big day of bringing your newborn home from the hospital- bring a “gift” for your dog’s nose! Have someone come into the home first, give your dog a few loving pats and let the dog sniff a bib or diaper cloth that was touching the baby at the hospital.

This will allow your dog to get familiar with the scent of the newborn before you bring him/her into the house and will often help ease the dog’s reaction to this new little one in the house. Children that grow up in a home with pets learn to respect and love animals, and more importantly, respect life.

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