Persistent Dog Wants To Play Fetch With A Newborn Baby

Published October 18, 2018 15,344 Views $57.24 earned

Rumble / Priceless MomentsDogs have feelings and they treat their master as a family. A dear one. Any new member in the owner’s family is automatically the dog’s family, too. Dogs are very loving and caring. They can love you with all their heart. Babies especially, they are dog’s favorite. We mean they are everybody’s favorite but dogs just love them way too much. This video is the perfect definition of cuteness overloaded!

The video clip features a dog and a new born baby. The dog is clearly a big fan of the baby. We mean who can blame him, the baby is just too adorable. Yes, and the dog has already claimed its rights on the baby. We can tell, they are going to be the best of friends. The dog already wants to play with the baby.

The video begins with the dog trying to nudge at the baby’s foot, which got us confused for a bit at first. We weren’t sure as to what the dog was up to. Was he trying to wake the baby up? Or was he trying to kiss the baby? Maybe it’s the way the dog likes to display his affection towards the newborn. Whatever the scenario might be, it looks so much amusing. The little dog is trying to connect with the tiny baby on an emotional level. Babies and dogs are just best buds made in the heaven. Innocence at its peak. They both are aloof of all the world’s wrongdoings and all they care about is being happy and have a good time. They find happiness in the smallest of things and that’s exactly what the adults should learn from them.

All right! Enough with the philosophical talk. Let’s get back to the video. So as the video progresses we get an idea of what is exactly happening and it turns out that the dog is trying to get the baby play “fetch” with him. Yes, that’s right! The dog just assumes that his nudging is going to push the baby to get up and throw the ball asking the dog to go and fetch it. Poor dog, if only he knew better. Dear doggie, it’s going to be a year or so before you see the baby get up and start playing with you.

On a second thought, if you look closely at the baby’s reaction to the dog’s pestering, we can see that the baby is just as excited with the game. We think the dog should be patient another few months and the baby will be ready for the game.

What do you guys think about the baby’s reaction and how long do you think it will take the baby to play with the doggie? Not long, right? That’s what we thought! We love a great baby-puppy combo, it always cheers us up. Comment below and let us know what you think about the dog’s intentions. Maybe in a few months, the baby will be finally ready to play fetchand a new video will be uploaded to satisfy our demand!