Happy Doggy Is Caught Playing In A Children’s Pool

Published October 19, 2018 8,511 Views

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesSummer is over now but that doesn’t mean the weather has fully changed in some parts of the world! In some areas it seems like summer hasn’t ended, and the weather is still hot. The perfect weather for taking a little dip in the water! Lots of families have their little pools outside for their kids and they are perfect on a hot day! Sometimes even the dogs might need to cool off as well and might even decide to join in the fun! Dogs are some of the best pets to have because there is never a dull moment with them. They are always up to something. Sometimes they can be up to something funny, sneaky, cute, and even playful. That is what makes dogs such good companions. They will always surprise you by what they do and they are so full of life and energy.

This video shows a great example of a funny energetic dog. This young dog decides to play around in the kid pool and have a little fun of its own! This family must be very happy and excited to have such an enthusiastic dog! The day outside does not even look very sunny, but that doesn’t mean this dog can’t have a little fun in the water! This young puppy, only 7 months old, already looks like a full grown dog! It is very big and very lively. Being a puppy, this dog is full of energy and is just having fun exploring things like a young puppy does.

It is running around the children’s pool, like it has never even felt water before! This dog must be feeling extreme joy right now. Even though it is young, this puppy definitely has a full coat of hair and normally, dogs with rich coats get very warm! Although it does look like it could be cold outside, this dog’s fur might make it feel hot. This is the reason why snow dogs love burying themselves in snow, it feels great on their coat. This dog isn’t a snow dog but it probably still loves the touch of water on its fur.

The video begins as the family watches the puppy going crazy in the water. The dog is splashing around without a care in the world. It looks just like a child, you know the moment when you take your baby to the pool with you. As soon as the baby hits the water, it is splashing around and laughing. That is exactly how this puppy looks, splashing water around with its paws and mouth wide open. In fact, if you notice dog’s muzzle, it looks like the dog is even smiling with its mouth open! Before you know it, this dog is jumping around all over the place. The best part of this video is seeing how crazy this young puppy is going. The pool isn’t that big in comparison with the size of this dog and yet it is big enough to show its antics in the water! It doesn’t have much room to jump but is still hopping around all over the place. This must be one of this young puppy’s favorite hobbies. This dog will have a blast if it ever visits a beach!

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