Dog Insists On Rescuing Little Girl Who Swims Carelessly In Pool

SamsonAndSebastian Published April 30, 2018 605 Plays $1.06 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesSurely you remember Nana, the fictional Newfoundland employed as a nanny by the Darling family in Peter Pan? It's true that the author’s fictional account of sweet-natured Nana as a round-the-clock babysitter stretches reality a bit. However, there is truth in his characterization of the dog. The Newfoundland really is a sweet dog who loves children. He's naturally gentle and friendly with them, as well as protective.

Samson is a Newfoundland, known for his water rescue instincts, especially when it comes to children. Samson is still young and hasn’t been trained for water rescue yet but he knows something should be done here. He decides to bring his owner a float, hoping she will toss it to little Sierra in the pool. Once Samson gets more comfortable in the water, he will likely jump in and get Sierra out himself!

Though Samson is a strong swimmer, Sierra doesn’t need rescuing. She is enjoying herself splashing and swimming in the pool. Sierra is so happy that she fills the air with shrieks of delight. However, Samson still thinks that she is in some kind of danger so he unstoppingly hovers around the pool. This wonderful family companion is so concerned for his little friend that he even barks at her as a warning sign of the “impending doom”. Enjoy swimming while you can Sierra!

All dogs have the potential for heroism, but it seems to be a hardwired into this naturally strong swimmer. There are many accounts of Newfoundlands rescuing people from the cold waters of the Atlantic following a shipwreck or plucking children from icy deep water - just in time. Regardless of the purpose of the Newfoundland in your life, be it worker or companion, he will no doubt capture your heart.