Dog Plays Hide And Seek With Kids Under Inflatable Pool

Published May 2, 2017 109,517 Views

Rumble If your family had a dog while you were growing up, then your childhood is probably full of memories of all the great times you had together. Dogs are just like kids and they love to play! One of the best games to play with a dog is hide and seek. Dogs are the best at sniffing out where we hide, and they love to play.

One family dog has just learned a new pool trick. What started as a game of hide and seek, quickly evolved into one of the best home movies ever seen. These kids decided to hide from their dog under the inflatable pool. When the dog ran over to find them, he knew he needed to find a way to get underneath their hiding spot, but once he did, the funnies thing happens!

The children decide to play a prank on the family dog, so when they hide underneath the inflatable swimming pool? The black lab eventually noses his way underneath the pool and finds the little kids. When the dog begins running around under the pool, it makes it look like the pool grew legs and started running! He took the game to a whole new level! He goes under the inflatable pool, and starts moving it all across the yard!

Mom, who’s recording, can only laugh as the dog moves the inflatable pool all around the yard in a hilarious fashion. The little boy and girl chase after him, after realizing that this is much more fun than a game of hide and seek.