Emotional Newfoundland Gives Tolerant Cat A Tongue Bath

Published October 15, 2018 2,147 Views $15.61 earned

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsAre dogs and cats mortal enemies by instinct or by nature? The answer to this question is crystal clear with how this Newfoundland and this kitty treat each other, interacting in a symbiotic way.

While watching this video, one can’t help relating it to a scene in the movie, Shrek. In one of the sequels of Shrek, at the scene where Fiona, Shrek, Donkey and Puss in Boots fell into a river and they were totally soaked, you will get reminded of what Puss said to Donkey: “May I borrow your tongue?” Puss in boots was clever – Donkey’s tongue will do the work quickly as compared to him licking his coat by himself.

In this video, one may wonder – did the kitty ask the same request as Puss in Boots did? Or, is the kitty a tolerant feline just giving way to the desires of the Newfoundland who took pleasure in kissing the cat?

There is no enough clue to conclude whether the kitty is annoyed but stayed patient and tolerant. The kitty’s eyes were closed so it is difficult to spot an indication that she is irritated or at least uncomfortable. In addition, the kitty also did not move which could have given a hint of whether she is irked or upset. On the other hand, there is neither a conclusive act of the kitty to show that what is going on is something it enjoys. Talk about wet kisses!

Nonetheless, it is better to take the scene in tune with the second possibility – the cat wished to be groomed and the Newfoundland granted kitty’s wishes with zest. Perhaps, the cat told the dog: “Can you please groom my head because my tongue cannot reach this part of my body? We would appreciate it much if you will.” Then the friendly dog replied: “At your service, my dear. After all, I enjoy giving my tongue muscular exercises so it will stay strong.” Look, for the entire duration of the video, the dog was licking on the cat’s head while the cat stayed motionless.

This scene is one of those pieces of evidence that dogs and cats are not by nature enemies. They can deal with each other well – they can live together promoting symbiosis.

After watching this video, what lingers in the mind of the watcher is the reflection that mortal enemies do not exist because of their natural tendencies or by instinct. If someone irks you by just a glance of his or her face or simply by hearing this person’s name and you do not know the reason why, then it is time to make a deeper reflection.

Enemies are created or produced by certain circumstances surrounding the concerned individuals – there is a reason behind such hate that is burning within. Whether that reason is reasonable is a vital question to ask. If a dog and a cat that are stereotyped to be enemies can be friends, then it is not far from possibility that you too can be friends with someone you now consider as your enemy. Put off that burning flame of hate and release free yourself from negative energies attached with having an enemy.