Snoring Bulldog Gives Wet Kisses After Waking Up From Deep Sleep

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Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesFor those few who did not know, let us tell you a little secret about dog videos. The Internet was first conquered by cats: a lazy cat, an angry cat, a cross-eyed cat, a brave cat (Remember the hero cat who saved the little boy from a dog attack? Of course, we all do!) these were on the all-star list of Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. Photos, videos, memes, gifs, whatever you could possibly imagine to share online was instantly gaining immense popularity! Entire audiences of admirers and subscribers started to gather and expanded. And how did our dogs leg behind in this pet-craze? They actually did not! Dogs confidently began to catch up with the mustachioed mousers. And not only catch up, they even started overshadowing their popularity. And why you might ask. It is because of amazing dog videos like this one on the top of the page. Watch! Go, go dogs!

Porkchop the English Bulldog was in a deep sleep before his owner decided to lay down next to him, resulting to waking him up. Instead of going back to sleep, Porkchop decides to do something simply hilarious. Watch to find out what it is!

Everyone loves a good nap, they get you well rested and help you take on the day, and dogs are no different. Footage shows a snoozing pup engaging in long slumber, snoring his worries away. Moments later, owner decides to lay down next to him, which makes the pooch to open his eyes and immediately start showering owner with wet kisses.

If you have a pet, you most likely understand what it’s like to wake up with a ball of fur right next to your face. Even if you’ve made a rule that there are no pets allowed on the bed, I’m sure that you give in at least every now and then. Imagine waking up to this big guy giving you kisses every day. He is just as loving and cuddly as any other dog. This video is a living proof that waking up next to an English Bulldog isn't that scary after all.

Porkchop is sound asleep and his owner tries to wake him up by gently resting his head onto dog’s body. Have you ever been slowly woken out of a deep dream state, and then felt totally confused at the same time? Porkchop’s first reaction as he wakes up from this deep sleep is to stare, dazed and confused for a quick second, after which he soon realized that he woke up next to his loving owner, and he started giving him morning kisses, on his bald head. What a precious moment!

Some animals like to keep their space and are happy sleeping at the foot of the bed, or on the pillow in the empty space next to you. But, if you’re used to sharing your bed with your dog, be prepared for things to get a little bit cozier.

Is there more adorable way of wake up to your dog's kisses? Do you have an interesting or funny way of waking up your family pet?

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