Pensioner Performs Duet Of 'Wonderful World' With Busker

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Published: August 6, 2018

This heartwarming video shows the moment a pensioner performs an impromptu duet of “Wonderful World” with a busker - leaving the crowd in awe. Some people in the crowd at Truro, Cornwall, were reduced to tears when Enid sang a wonderful rendition of this song. What a moment!

When Enid Bellamy, 88, spotted Andy Marshall singing on the streets, she decided to join him for a wonderful duet. Watch as these two put on a great performance in the middle of a busy city street. Passers by were shocked when Enid belted out a pitch-perfect version of Louis Armstrong's 1960s classic.

It really is a wonderful world when a simple spark of kindness warms up thousands of hearts. Hearing someone sing with such a voice sends tickling sensations down everyone’s spine. This talented lady tickled her audience and showed that a simple act of kindness can indeed create a touching scene. What a wonderful world it would be if other octogenarians were as vibrant and energetic as she is. Prepare your tissues, this one is a tear-jerker!

In this hectic world where people are too busy and almost everyone appears to be running out of time to beat all of a day’s list of tasks to do, it seems like it is not the regular course of things that someone will stop for someone on the street. But, this kind lady, Enid Bellamy did. She stopped and had a duet with Andy Marshall on this busy street of the City of Truro, Cornwall.

With her kind act, she struck the hearts of the crowd, some of them reduced into tears when they heard her sing. As shown in the video, she renders the song of Louis Armstrong - Wonderful World. Her voice is heart-melting. At the age of 88, many octogenarians like her, may not share the same state of health and such level of vigor. That is why this lady is something exceptional!

Have you heard the song Wonderful World sang by Louis Armstrong? Do young people in this generation still appreciate this genre of music? Perhaps, very few can appreciate it but if one focuses on the music and the lyrics of the song, it actually is a wonderful tune. It is that kind of music that communicates with our inner self and throws us into self-retrospection. Then, with a reflective mood, someone will start to appreciate and make an inventory of the wonderful things in his or her life. In short, this kind of music encourages positive energies – focusing on the shining sun rather than the shadow casted on the ground.

While it is true that music preferences are obviously personal, it is also true that music preferences are obviously generational in nature. For this generation, how do you evaluate their preference? Many of those belonging to the old generation believe that this generation tends to choose upbeat music with lots of energy injected in it even if the lyrics is not meaningful. Some are even patronizing songs that they cannot understand its lyrics. Some music videos that go trending have few English words that are comprehensible and the rest are in another language but even those people who do not speak that language love these music videos.

How about you? What is your preference? What is the effect of upbeat music with heavy instrumental accompaniment to you? Will it energize you and make you awake and focused for the day’s work or will it make you stressed and more tired? Perhaps, it depends on what someone needs at particular time of the day – in the morning, an upbeat music will set one for all works to be done and keep his or her energy high during the day but in the evening, a calming, tranquilizing music might be necessary.

Listen to Enid Bellamy while she renders a beautiful performance of well-known song Wonderful World. Certainly, she will spark a positive energy in you. Have a wonderful day in this wonderful world!

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