Talented Guy Performs Beautiful Rendition Of 'A Whole New World'

Published July 31, 2018 7,442,134 Views $34.87 earned

Rumble / Fascinating PeopleThere are a lot of hidden gems in this world. Hardly ever does one get the chance to fully shine. We may argue that each person has a unique set of talents but often times than not, they do not realize their full potential.

There is so much potential and so much talent among everyday people, you can’t help but wonder how successful they would be if they ever made it in the limelight. It almost seems unfair that we see these artists begging for money on the street when they should be basking in fame. But unfortunately, life doesn’t work that way. The road to fame is extremely difficult and has strayed many a men from the goal.

Sometimes we are presented with chances, but we overthink and get stuck right on the spot. We’ve all been there a couple or more times. The spotlight was on, the crowd was eager to experience our show, but in the blink of an eye our show could have turned into a complete disaster. Luckily, survival instinct kicked in and we tried to manoeuvre around our problem, acting as if nothing happened. Faking confidence and calmness, delivering a few jokes on our behalf, the disaster is evaded and our heart can start beating again.

Unfortunately, this is not a once in a lifetime, one in a million kind of experience. In reality, we constantly face these kinds of tests of our confidence. And the more they happen, the more we learn and the easier it gets to go around them without experiencing a heart attack. This is precisely what we’re talking about. This young man was put on the spot. He fumbled for a bit in the beginning probably due to nerves, but once he started singing, we saw that he was really amazing.

Jared Young grew up dreaming of playing the role of Aladdin. Eventually he auditioned for the role at Disney's California Adventure and made final cuts two years in a row but wasn't cast either time and quit auditioning. Years later his dream resurfaced.

Lea Salonga, who played the original Princess Jasmine, surprised her audience while performing at the De Jong Concert Hall by inviting a random enthusiastic volunteer to take on the role of Aladdin and join her on stage to sing 'A Whole New World'. That night she picked Jared! Jared has dreamed for 20 years of playing Aladdin (as well as performing alongside Lea Salonga) and couldn't believe it was coming true! Check it out!

There may be many beautiful love songs in the air right now, but few can compete with the ones written for the beautiful fairytale cartoons. There is something about the purity of the words and the easygoing melody that just makes you feel instantly good. The lyrics, combined with these two’s complementary voices makes the experience absolutely worthwhile. The attendees in the audience had quite the show.

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