Coffee Shop Musician Sings Surprise Duet With Matisyahu Without Knowing It

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Published: August 3, 2016

It was quite the day in paradise for one street performer, playing his ukulele in Honolulu Coffee Kona in Hawaii, when he met the man that inspired him to perform. Clint Alama was playing Matisyahu’s ‘One Day’, a single from 2009, when the Jewish reggae performer caught the tune and decided to stop by for a listen. Looking totally incognito, Matis joins in on Clint’s singing every once in a strum, making the dude’s day

The video was recorded by Matisyahu bassist Stu Brooks, shows the spontaneous duet that followed between local musician Clint Alama and his musical inspiration.

"Matisyahu was taking in the local sounds last Friday in Hawaii when he heard a familiar tune. It was a street performer on ukulele, jamming to 2009’s “One Day." “Do you know who wrote that song?" Matisyahu asks. “Matis," Alama answers. “I’m Matisyahu," the Jewish reggae artist replied. Pretty good timing, to say the least. Matisyahu was in town to headline the MayJah RayJah Music Festival and gifted a set of guest passes to Alama, no doubt making the ukulele player’s day." - Stu Brooks said.

“Oh, shoots, it’s you! What’s up, my brother? You look different, kid!" says the starstruck performer when he realizes he just sang a song with it’s original artist! What a day to be alive!

Occurred on July 31, 2016 / Maui, Hawaii, USA

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    • 1 rumble
      EricT · 1 year ago

      My favorite video of all time.

    • 2 rumbles
      jasonh · 1 year ago

      happened to a friend of mine in Texas years ago. he was playing guitar in a local music store and this guy comes in and asks to sing and play with him. he was really good and after he left my friend asked the owner who he was, turns out it was Gary Puckett from the 60's group Gary Pucket and the unioin gap!! he didn't recopnize him cause he was older

      • 1 rumble
        junebug · 1 year ago

        I love gary puckett ...very recognizable voice

    • 1 rumble
      Tamaram55 · 49 weeks ago

      That was great! I thought the other guy was the original! He was great!! He couldn't even remember his name after that shock! ;D

    • -1 rumbles
      ccc · 48 weeks ago

      Hawaii is like that, it's magic..I camped out one night in the jungle and got rained on, tropical storm, in the morning got into Lahaina, and squish squash walked into the main hotel squish squash walked right by Michael Bloomfield playing the piano. didn't even know who he was, he just came into play the piano. the place with the wooden captain outside, beautiful old fashioned hotel. miss Hawaii. very healing place.