Police Help Mother Duck And Ducklings Safely Cross Busy Street

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Why did the duck cross the road? Watch this heartwarming video to brighten your day, as the Clearwater Police help a mother duck and her ducklings to cross the street.

On first impressions, it looks like the police car may be attending the scene of an accident at a busy intersection. With its lights flashing and its position in the middle of the road, it initially looks like there might be a sign of trouble. It is only when you avert your gaze to what is going on in front of the vehicle that you realise what is happening.

A mother duck and her ducklings have apparently become lost in a busy urban area and have been unable to find their way out. Human parents would find it difficult enough to cross the road with one child, let alone six, so it is quite understandable that a duck would find this situation somewhat daunting.

Fortunately for this mother duck, the Clearwater Police are on hand to help. Seeing the busy family in distress, a noble police officer has decided to take matters into their own hands, and help this family get home safely. Using the police car to protect the mother duck and her ducklings from oncoming traffic, the police officer provides a shield for them, allowing them to cross the road safely. With the traffic stopped, the ducks cautiously begin to make their away across the road.

Around the four second mark, a bemused member of the public looks on and watches as the feathered family make their way across the road, seemingly oblivious to the commotion their presence has caused. Mother duck leads the way across the road, with her six little ducklings following obediently behind her.

It is also fortunate that other drivers have noticed the ducks and have slowed down to allow them to cross. No one has lost their patience, beeped their horns or done anything reckless, making the situation easier for the police to manage. The police probably wish all traffic incidents could be handled like this.

It is unfortunate that the video is so short as we do not get to see how they ended up in this situation in the first place or what happens to the mother duck and her ducklings after they have crossed the road. Hopefully they were able to make their way home safely after their unexpected adventure of navigating the busy traffic of Clearwater.

The news media seems to be filled with so many negative stories about police conduct that it can often be easy to overlook the amount of good work that they do. It is good to see that in the case of Clearwater that they are here to not only keep the lives of the public safe, but those of animals too.

If you are feeling down, this is a good video to watch to restore your faith in humanity, and see some cute ducklings waddling around as well. Do yourself a favour and take a look!

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