Ducklings Stop Traffic in Busy Tokyo Shopping Street

CENPublished: May 21, 2018
Published: May 21, 2018

By Gabriel Zamfir

A mother duck determined to cross a busy street in a top shopping district was given a helping hand by a uniformed man who stopped the traffic.

The footage was shot in downtown Tokyo - not exactly known for its natural wildlife - and it is unclear how the mother duck ended up in the shopping precinct with her five baby ducklings.

She had reportedly made several attempts to start to move across the road but each time was sent running to escape being crushed under the wheels of a car before the man in a uniform believed to be a doorman or a security guard rushes over to help.

Politely holding his white gloved hands up to stop the traffic, he gently ushers the duck family over the road bowing and respectfully thanking the car drivers for the inconvenience as he does so.

Online commentators were amazed that the appearance of the duck family, given that the district of Roppongi in Tokyo is better known for its posh shops, nightclubs, restaurants and high-rise buildings than anything natural.

The video was posted by Twitter user @tenguyokoyama where stores like Rolex and Louis Vuitton continue be seen in the background. However the region also has several parks which is where it is believed the ducks were hopefully heading.

The employee who was later tracked down confirmed that he had managed to get the ducks all the way back to the pond at the local park without any further problems.

Many people praise the man's actions including one who wrote: "This is so adorable! It made me feel all warm inside."

While another added: "What a wonderful guard. He was so patient and polite!"

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