Dog And Human Mom Play Hide And Seek Alone At Home

ViralHog Published July 2, 2018 228 Plays $0.32 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesJade and his mom decided to play hide and seek at home. It may sound like a bit of a laugh, but this game stimulates an integral area of many dogs’ natural instincts such as scent tracking. People lost in avalanches are only too glad that the St Bernard that finds them likes a good game of hide and seek. Having this in mind now you can bond even more with your dog by stimulating this activity. When Jade becomes aware that his mom is no longer around the house, he goes on a hunting mission to find her. He doesn’t take much time to find her, after a few strolls through the house, he senses her presence behind the door and when he finds it he is overjoyed.

He may not have seen her the first time he gets into the room, but there is no way he is going to miss her the second time. If not for his searching abilities, for his sense of smell . He can sniff his human friend from afar and she can’t escape Jade’s sense of smell. So when he finds her, he is so proud at his achievement, wagging his tail and jumping on her. If you plan to play this game a lot bear in mind that you will always be found. And don’t forget the treats, don’t give them so often but keep certain treats for a spectacular performance. One of the best parts of having a dog companion is being able to surprise them with new and fun-filled activities. From tug-of-war to fetch, dogs enjoy any type of play that keeps their energy fuel burning.

What child doesn’t enjoy playing hide and seek? The same goes for your dog - think of him as a two-year-old kid that refuses to grow up. The thrill is the same as that of a child’s, whenever they find the hider. Jade, just like little children, enjoys playing hide and seek and he lives for the excitement of the game. Why Jade loves this game so much? We think that it’s a good running task for him, it’s something he can fill the rainy days with at home while still remaining active, it’s a good exercise for his body and brain, and he needs to think, and problem solve in order to locate his human. From learning impressive tricks to simulating human behavior, dogs have a real appetite for problem-solving tasks. Dogs have abilities comparable to young children. It is only natural for Jade to go and find his human friend.

Jade must have been born under a lucky star because he isn’t a breed if his owners are away from home frequently or for long periods of time. It’s not a good idea to leave him home alone because he can easily get bored, anxious and worried so he can become naughty and start barking, chewing and digging all around. Being an active and intelligent dog, he wants to be kept busy learning, playing and working. Daily exercise both physical and mental is a must. So hide and seek is a real hit for Jade.