Silly Pup Loves Playing Hide And Seek With His Owners

Published April 11, 2018 1,606 Plays

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesUsually, when the game hide-and-seek in mentioned, we think of little kids running about the neighborhood, hiding in bushes, behind cars and sometimes even in plain sight, while there is always that one kid that keeps being the seeker. Yeah, that wasn’t very fun… But in recent years, we keep seeing more and more canine companions getting so invested in the harmless game, they are even better that children!

One such adorable game of hide and seek is captured on camera as Tank the Pit Bull enthusiastically searches for his hiding owner. He patiently sits in the doorway of his owner’s bedroom, stoically watching his owner dead in the eye, waiting for his cue.

“Okay, you ready? We go find daddy?” says the woman to her curious pup, being welcomed by an enthusiastic look on his sweet face. “Okay, go!” is Tank’s signal to lunge at the hallway, slipping on the tile floors, looking for his other favorite hooman.

He stops in the living room, taking a quick look around. He’s not there...Maybe the kitchen? Dang it, he’s not there either. Letting out a bark of disapproval, Tank turns right back to the living room, only to circle around in despair. Where IS daddy? But then, he hears a thud behind the sofa, which means that daddy could not let his happy boy look too long.

Oh, the joy when he finds him...Priceless!