Dogs With Great Sense Of Smell Win At Hide And Seek Game

Laurakyeah Published May 21, 2018 4,353 Plays $10.16 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesThey say dogs have an amazing sense of smell, which by default makes them excellent seekers. In this video we see two dogs playing the game of hide and seek with their owner, witnessing their impressive detective abilities on camera. Check it out as these two buddies engage in an epic game of hide and seek with owner! So much fun!

Footage shows owner addressing dogs that they are about to play the game of hide and seek, and immediately after tricks them that he’s about to hide in the kitchen, but instead he returns in the living room and hides on the couch, after which he covers his smell with a blanket.

The excited pooches can be seen searching for their owner around the house and quickly realizing that their owner is indeed in the living room. They might not see him, but they definitely smell him.

It is adorable how the excellent seekers surround owner’s body, covered in red blanket, and obsessively wag their tails and produce victory noises, informing the audience that they know his hiding spot!

These dogs love to play the game of hide and seek with their owner and they have mastered their seeking skills to perfection. They rely on their nose and quickly find their human, even if he is nowhere to be seen, they sense him from under the covers. Well done buddies!

Are you ready to be super impressed? Are you prepared for total cuteness? It is pretty crazy that these two dogs might have the best nose in the world and manage to find their owner’s hiding spot with flying colors in no time! Cuteness overload!