Truck With Two Front Ends Attracts Commuters On Highway

Published June 2, 2018 200 Views $4.43 earned

Rumble / Funny & WeirdA bizarre two-faced car model was spotted on a highway travelling up route 93, leaving commuters in awe. What appeared to be a modified model of Chevy pickup truck ended up having two front ends and two people both sitting at the stirring end of each part. Puzzling indeed!

Traveling up route 93, filmmaker almost thought there was a truck coming at him the wrong way on the highway only to realize it was a very modified older Chevy pick up truck with two front ends and two drivers both facing the correct way. It was so unusual sight so he had to capture it, and we are glad he did. How often do you spot something as curious as this? We bet not that often!

Footage was filmed on May 31, 2018 in Massachusetts, USA, and shows a man and a woman both driving the same custom car, but from a different perspective. What caught the attention of highway users is a unique custom-built truck with no rear end, whatsoever.

Apparently, this vehicle was moving down the highway , capturing onlookers’ attention, as the two drivers were nonchalantly sitting inside this unique truck. The strange-looking blue vehicle triggered everyone’s interest, resulting in this interesting video. Can you believe your eyes?

The funny part about this video is that a woman can be spotted riding in the back seat of the rear part of the vehicle, nonchalantly enjoying her ride, sitting in the front seat of the end part of the vehicle. How cool is that? It appears as if she has hitched her wagon to a star and is casually riding on it, much to onlookers’ amusement! Amazing!

This bizarre video has reminded us of that Indonesian mechanic who created a unique ‘two-faced’ car by joining parts of two Toyotas. Moreover, that car model was designed by a 71-year-old Indonesian mechanic and has been turning the heads of confused onlookers ever since.

Inventive mechanic, Roni Gunawan from Bandung in Indonesia’s West Java Province, has been drawing eyeballs of confused onlookers with his ‘two-faced’ car. Namely, he has created a car that has two front sides making its rear look like it is a mirroring image. Incredible!

Watching this bizarre double-ended car, with possibility to be driven forward and back at the same time gives us the chills. This impressive vehicle is actually designed to be driven simultaneously by two drivers, but this can cause confusion in unsuspecting drivers if they spot such creation in traffic.

We bet the mastermind of this creation is very proud for having built such a unique car. However, this vehicle will immediately be confiscated by cops in Indonesia for violating their traffic rules. Reportedly this car’s design violates two articles of the 2009 law on vehicle roadworthiness, including a requirement that cars feature all of the proper safety signals. In addition, the vehicle does not have a reverse light and the dimensions of the vehicle are not appropriate!

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