Driving On Rims When Missing Two Tires Is Always A Bad Idea

Published January 29, 2018 340 Plays

Rumble A crazy video has emerged showing the incredible moment when an ignorant driver is speeding on a highway driving on rims. Footage shows a driver following a car only to show that the vehicle in front of him is actually missing two tires.

This driver is making their way down the highway, driving fast, faces pass, and they’re grinding their rim into the ground. This crazy driver was spotted speeding on a highway without at least two tires. Amazingly, the driver goes pretty fast passing other cars, without the rubber on the front and back passenger side wheels.

This kind of reckless driving could cause a car crash or get someone seriously injured. In addition, there was enough place to stop on the side and change the tire or call for a road service, but the driver decided to drive and kept passing other cars, rolling on its rims, seemingly without a care in the world. Crazy!

Cars consist of many important parts, and this crazy video featuring a car driving down the highway without two tires, shows us exactly how important tires are!

It is amazing how other cars don’t seem to notice at all, and it is shocking how unaware everyone is of such a potential hazard with the car trying to merge while completely missing two tires and driving on rims!

Driving without a tire is a terrible thing to do, no matter how important you think it is to get to a destination. That’s because a lot can go wrong if you keep driving, thinking that the rim will do just as well as the tire for at least a little while. Grinding on a rim makes for an expensive replacement. If you grind the rim itself too hard and end up dragging other parts of your car along the road, you’re in for a far more expensive job.

Tires are round and rims are round, but that does not mean that rims will substitute for a missing tire, on the highway, when you’re driving in a large city and there is a lot of traffic around you. Please do not drive around without a tire like this reckless driver did!

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