Indonesian Mechanic Creates Unique ‘Two-Faced’ Car By Joining Parts Of Two Toyotas

Published January 23, 2018 28 Plays

Rumble A bizarre two-faced car model was designed by a 71-year-old Indonesian mechanic and has been turning the heads of confused onlookers ever since.

Inventive mechanic, Roni Gunawan from Bandung in Indonesia’s West Java Province, has been drawing eyeballs of confused onlookers with his ‘two-faced’ car. Namely, he has created a car that has two front sides making its rear look like it is a mirroring image. Incredible!

Actually, this gleaming metallic orange sedan is mixture of two Toyota Limbo cars. With the help of ten workers, the team managed to cut two Toyota Limbo cars at the centre and weld the two heads together, attaching them in the middle and transforming them into his majestic car. Roni spent six months to join the parts of these two cars, making one single car with double engines, pedals, gears and steering wheel. Amazing!

Watching this bizarre double-ended car being driven forward and back at the same time gives us the chills. This impressive vehicle is actually designed to be driven simultaneously by two drivers, but this can cause confusion in unsuspecting drivers if they spot such creation in traffic.

Roni was very proud for having created such a unique car, but his joy didn't last long because only within a few hours his vehicle was confiscated by cops for violating Indonesian traffic rules.

Reportedly the car design violated two articles of the 2009 law on vehicle roadworthiness, including a requirement that cars feature all of the proper safety signals. In addition, the vehicle does not have a reverse light and the dimensions of the vehicle are not appropriate! Too bad for Roni, his efforts went down the drain!