Overheated English Bulldog Cools Off In A Mini Water Table

Published May 31, 2018 2,082 Views $2.90 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesAfter a hot car ride with broken air-conditioner, this English Bulldog knows exactly how to cool off. Gotta beat the heat! Check it out as this fun-loving pooch chills in a tiny water table during a hot summer day. Hilarious!

It’s pretty much everyone’s dream to have a pool in their backyard. Especially on those blisteringly hot days of summer when the sun just will not stop beating down on you. Owning a pool must be fun, but also tough. We must share our pool with our friends and of course our dogs! They love pool time! Since dogs are family, it can be very easy to treat them that way.

This amazing dog is a really cool pool dog! The water-loving canine was caught on camera chilling in a tiny water table, using it as a personal doggy pool, much to our amusement. Watch as he sits contently in the water, absorbing them rays of sunshine. How cool is this dog?

Many dogs like pools, especially when they’re the place where everyone hangs out all summer. Some dogs will even swim or play fetch in pools, however, this dog loves to chill and just have a great time in his customized pool, no matter its tiny size and different purpose. Hilarious!

A day spent at the pool is a day great spent and everyone will agree to that. The coolness of the water against the blazing heat of the summer sun is what every one of us craves. It seems, though, that we humans aren't the only ones who love our sweet time at the swimming pool, as dogs love water as well! This canine is the real proof of that!

Usually, a dog is pretty happy to just have a broad yard to run and zoom around, but this bulky pooch has made a personal pool out of the water table, and is making very good use of it, this video shows. Cuteness overload!

You might think he is being spoiled because when he wants to cool off, he likes to sit in the tiny water table in the backyard. From the looks of it, he doesn’t really like to splash and play, he only wants to chill inside and do nothing. Who can blame him, water tables are cool as well! How would we love to be like this relaxed pooch, and not have a single care in this world, other than to eat, sleep and chill in the cool water. Cuteness overload!

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