Dog Mimics Kids In A Pool Learning How To Splash

Published July 11, 2016 44,148 Plays

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesYou can't miss this amazing video, where you'll see this charming Boxer dog playing with the kids in the pool. Who wouldn't want to spend a fun afternoon in the pool with the company of this excellent swimmer? This dog is nothing but incredible. He knows how to keep everyone entertained. He also proves to be a dog with a great personality, and is undoubtedly a pleasant companion for everyone who invites him to play. How adorable!

Kids love swimming pools, they can be in there for hours without stopping to have fun. Their laughs are so contagious that they encourage even the most scared dog to take a dip and play with them. This is exactly the case with this beautiful Boxer, who couldn't resist the temptation to watch these kids play in the refreshing pool. Wow, they're having too much fun! The determined Boxer enters the pool, but before joining the children, he wants to observe them more closely, so he stays on the edge of the pool for a few seconds while he decides whether or not to jump into the pool.

Since he is one brave dog, our friend makes a big jump, and dips into the water like a professional swimmer. The thirst to play is stronger than anything else, and of course that he doesn’t want to stay in the yard with the other boring dog, he wants to befriend this jolly gang of children! This Boxer loves to chase the fun, he’ll be wherever there is laughter and fun because he has a very playful and active personality when it comes to humans, especially children.

Once in the pool, the dog adopts a very funny position, staying at a fixed point and looking around a little confused.He must be asking himself what he has to do now. The way he puts his front legs makes him look like a meerkat. Hilarious! After so much thinking, he decides to swim quickly towards the circle of fun that the children have made. That's when the best part comes in, because the kids start splashing water everywhere, and the Boxer notices it and watches them closely. “Aha, that's what I'm supposed to do? OK!”- the dog must be thinking. In a matter of seconds the dog also starts splashing water everywhere, thus initiating a water war between the children and himself.

No doubt we are surprised at how this Boxer can capture people's emotions, and detect what causes fun. This puppy is really intelligent, his owners should be proud. He is practically like another son, so he doesn’t forget to share the fun with the children making them happy at the same time. This energetic Boxer has left us more eager to see what has in store for us in the future with some more interesting videos. He is so intelligent and so good at socializing with others. Incredible!

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