Check Out This Priceless Moment When A Little Girl Joins In On Big Sister's Cheer Solo

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Published: May 9, 2018Updated: May 10, 2018

Responsibilities. Responsibilities. Responsibilities! That’s the only single word that can define being the older sister in the family. Hundreds of grueling responsibilities over the house, the family, the siblings and even the simplest things like food choices, household chores, homework and projects of the younger siblings. But, not always has to be seen the negative side of being a big sister!

Having a big sister is a blessing! Many times she will act bossy and tell you what to do, but she will always be there to protect you, to teach you and be with you in good times and bad! These two amazing sisters have an incredible bond and they cheerlead together and that’s what makes their bond even stronger!

This student's Senior Cheer solo is most definitely incomplete without her little sister. Awesome! The big sister starts the routine and later her little sister joins in and are so adorable to watch! We can probably say that these two girls are definitely sibling goals!

They finish the choreography with the biggest hug and the shiniest smile! Cuteness overload! When you are really young, you basically have no role models outside of family members, teachers, and other kids you know. That doesn’t give you a whole lot to go on when it comes to developing character or your own opinions. And that is okay! This little girl’s role model is her big sister and she is going to grow into one amazing girl!

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      I'm not knocking it but dang cheerleading has changed a lot since I was a teen!