Talented Nuns Bust A Move, Dancing To A Zumba Choreography

Published February 5, 2018 783,471 Views

Rumble An unlikely dance performance has emerged of a group of nuns flaunting their happy feet, dancing in incredibly funky and in-sync routine. At a local dance studio, these nuns show off their rehearsed gospel dance, followed by a zumba dance routine and prove that nuns can also bust a move, once in a while!

Dressed in traditional habits, this group of over a dozen nuns are putting on a performance for the world to see their amazing choreography! Have you seen anything like this before? Often times when we think of nuns, we don’t always connect the women dressed in black religious habits with dancing!

Footage shows the talented women moving to the rhythm, dancing together with perfectly choreographed moves.You shouldn’t underestimate religious folks just because they’re disciplined! We seem to forget that people dedicated to religion are also allowed to dance like crazy. This dancing group, busting out awesome dance moves, is the perfect example of that!

Watching these women dancing their feet out in a well-rehearsed zumba dance choreography gave us the wonderful conclusion that people are not that different when it comes to shaking their booty!

Public dancing is wide appeal among the ageing population in order to maintain a sense of community in a highly urbanised living environment. Often dances take place in venues ranging from parks and public squares to parking lots. They take a variety of forms, from traditional folk dances to improvised routines set to patriotic songs, saccharine pop and sanitized rap.

This video might surprise many watchers given the agility and dance skills displayed by the nuns. Though they are wearing religious habits and put on a religious choreographed moves, it is very clear that they have the groove. Cool nuns!

How amazing is this? Credit to 'Elena Mainardi'.

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