Talented Cheerleader Defies Gravity By Nailing The ‘Invisible Box’ Challenge

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Rumble This is an amazing moment when a high school cheerleader defies gravity by nailing the ‘invisible box’ challenge. The footage was filmed on December 1, 2017, in Waller, Texas, USA and features the incredible moment when a cheerleader appears to be walking on thin air. Magic!

High school junior Ariel Olivar from Manvel High School in Texas appears to be defying gravity by stepping on an "invisible box" about a foot off the ground. The video starts with Ariel showing that there's nothing in front of her by patting the air with her hand about a foot off the ground.

Next, she keeps one leg bent like it's on top of an invisible box and jumps higher with her other leg all in one motion. This high school student has mastered this specific maneuver and left her fellow students in awe. Watch how confident she is when she performs the trick and passes with flying colors moving her audience mind-blown!

Ariel has mastered the ‘invisible box’ challenge and has mystified her audience ever since. She decided to film her unique maneuver on camera and even made a backup version of the same challenge, when her friend pretends to be kicking off the ‘invisible box’ only moments after she stands on it, sending Ariel flying off the box and into the grass.

This Texas cheerleader is going viral after posting this mind-blowing video on Twitter. Ariel explains that the trick is in keeping your leg in the same spot while making it look like you bring the other leg higher than the ‘standing’ leg as if you are stepping over a box! Voila!

"People around my school started retweeting it,'' Olivar said. "I thought it would only go as far as throughout my school, but through the night my phone just kept blowing up."

Do you want to learn how to do this invisible box challenge? First of all, it takes a lot of glute and core strength. You put one leg on the floor and with the other one you do a one-legged hop forward. So incredible!

Olivia had inspired a lot of people to do this challenge, and some of them were successful, and some of them were hilarious, and some of them were epic. Want to see more challenges?

Check out this guy as he pulls off epic invisible box challenge!

The main point of this challenge that teenagers have invented is to create an invisible box about a foot or two off the ground by hovering one of your feet in the air, tap it with the other foot, and film yourself stepping over it. In other words, playing the role of a magician and creating the illusion that there is a box and you are stepping over.

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