Ace Ventura: Mandela Detective, King Charles Portrait & Weird News

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There’s a new Mandela Effect about the game Monopoly, and Ace Ventura seems to be involved. King Charles’ intense, new portrait is getting made fun of on the internet and late-night TV. Extinct species are being discovered to be not so dead after all. These are the weirdest things that happened this week, which Ben and Rob will talk about this Friday Night Live.

The first portrait of King Charles has been revealed, and it’s dividing the art world, along with nearly everyone on social media. Even the mainstream media has been calling it a “frightening portrait of King Charles III.” So why was this portrait created to appear as if King Charles is surrounded by the flames of hell? Was this all just an accident, or did the artist Jonathan Yeo create it this way on purpose?

Going back in time to childhood, many people remember the Monopoly Man, a.k.a. “Rich Uncle” Pennybags, having a monocle—which is a common Mandela Effect. However, Ben found a new Mandela Effect in the Monopoly board game which has everyone scratching their heads and goes along with Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. Find out what this means on tonight’s show.

Out in the wild, what was thought of as a long-forgotten, extinct species—the first thylacine or Tasmanian tiger—was caught on camera. People claim this creature is nearly as big as Bigfoot. Join Ben and Rob from Edge of Wonder on this Fight Night Live as they cover all of these topics and more. Plus, don’t miss the Top 10 Weirder News of the Week along with a “Dig Deep” Live Q&A only on Rise.TV. We’ll see you out … on the edge!

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