MKUltra Mind Control in Hollywood & Music Industry | Mark Devlin

2 months ago

RAISING THE BAR | Mark Devlin EXPOSES the Celebrities under Mind Control

Join us for a thrilling exploration into the hidden depths of Hollywood and the music industry with club and radio DJ-turned-researcher, Mark Devlin. In this episode, we unveil the chilling truths behind MKUltra mind control and dark occult practices. Learn about the disturbing roles of Disney and unravel the hidden meanings in movies like Return to Oz and shows like Stranger Things, which suggest traumatic mind control experiments and covert operations.

We discuss the astonishing superhuman abilities as a result of the trauma-based mind control and speculate on celebrities like Michael Jackson and Prince, whose exceptional talents may hint at deeper, darker secrets. We also connect the dots to infamous events like the JFK and John Lennon assassinations, suggesting a web of mind control at play. Plus, don't miss Mark's insights into the cryptic symbols and hypnotic suggestions embedded in popular entertainment, influencing the unsuspecting public. #illuminati #mindcontrol #mkultra

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