Check Out The Awesome Winner Of A Fire Station Dance Off

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Published: April 10, 2018

Nothing wins the attention over general public like a good old dance fad. Without them, weddings, birthday parties and definitely the office Christmas shindig would be way more boring. Over the years there have been quite a number of interesting and bold dancers, but the main rule of a successful dance is simple. Quite literally: Just keep it simple! The video you are about to see contains one of the best dancers ever seen in a fire station! Check it out!

Do you like firemen dancing? Of course, who doesn’t! The man in this video that comes to us from Texas absolutely wins the moment. He is also the winner of a dance-off contest in his fire station. The best thing about his dance is that he does it absolutely naturally, without any hesitation or self-awareness. There is nothing better than putting a blond mullet wig on after a long day’s work in a fire station and just releasing all that stress into your own instantaneous choreography. This is a tell-tale sign of a true dance enthusiast!

Our lesson for today is that if doing your everyday job gets strenuous, try a little dance to shake it off. Just as this dancing, mullet-wig wearing fireman did. You don’t need to be an expert dancer or have a stunning choreography to prove you can get down. Awesome! Why not try it yourself?ullet wig."

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